Secure username and password for Netgear

You can make the Netgear router more secure using a password combination of numbers, letters and alphabetic characters.

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When to reset your Netgear router

You can reset your Netgear router when you forget your password, your router is not functioning properly or when your internet speed in slow.

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Whats is the default username and password

The default username and password can be found on the Netgear routers box.

Username - admin

Password - password

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Know your Netgear WiFi Router 

Netgear is a networking company manufacturing different types of networking products. You listen about a new product every day of Netgear. Router is one of the products of the Netgear Company. What does this router do? Router basically is an electronic device, providing internet access to various computers in the series. You have to attach your modem with the router and then your devices will be able to connect to the network of the router. The setup of the Netgear router is easy. There are various methods by which you can set up a Netgear router.

WPS Setup methods for Netgear router setup

For the WPS setup, you're router as well as devices must support WPS push method. If any of the devices is not able to support WPS then you cannot apply this method for the set up. Another method to setup is manual method. For the manual method you have to type in the address bar of the router. is by default offline web address to set up Netgear router. Before the introduction of Netgear web address for the set up, the set up is done through the IP address. But there is very rare case when you need to open the web interface of your router. So, a user tends to forget the IP address. Netgear came up with the idea of linking the IP addresses to the web address. So, is given by the company to set up its router.

In most of the latest routers of Netgear, you will have a set up wizard which automatically starts the set up process when you open the configuration panel or even when you enter in the address bar and hit enter key, the set up process starts. There are various types of Netgear has manufactured according to the demand or usage of internet.

Features of Netgear router

We are providing the information for some of the important features of your Netgear router that you can use to protect your network.

  • Parental control: enable the parental control and add the web address of the websites which you do not want to be seen by other members. You can also set access time. Suppose you want that your children access the internet for a certain period then you can do so by using this feature.
  • Guest access: make a separate network for the visitors visiting your home. The visitors have only certain access rights. Personalise this network, set some rules for them as well. Set a different username and password for this network and allow your guests to have non interrupted internet access and access your network without any disturbance.
  • Internet speed: You can check the internet speed as well. Open the web interface of your router and there on the home page you will see a tool for checking the internet speed. Use the tool for checking the internet speed.

Netgear router setup

When you set up your Netgear router through smart wizard, what you need to do is connect your computer to the router via the Ethernet cable. Open a web browser and the smart set up wizard begins the set up. If this does not happen then type in the address bar and then smart wizard set up begins. If still the set up does not start then check your network connections and all the settings related to network.

Reset your Netgear router

Locate the reset hole at the back of your Netgear router. After that, take a pin or paper clip. Insert the paper clip into the reset hole and hold for 10 seconds. Release the hole and start your router again. All the settings set to

If your router is not performing well or you are getting intermittent wireless connection then check for the firmware. The firmware should be up to the date to run your router smoothly.

Remote Management -t

The newest routers have a feature called remote management. If this feature is enabled then a user will be able to access his router from a remote location. For that you need your router’s internet address not the LAN address. It will also notify you if someone tries to get into your router’s interface. To enable it, open the web console of your Netgear router and then go to advanced settings. Turn on the remote management check box.

Update the firmware

Firstly check for the Netgear Genie or Netgear smart wizard. The steps will be different in both cases. If it shows Netgear Genie then follow the steps given below.

  • Go to advanced tab and then open the administrative menu.
  • Choose the firmware upgrade option and the download starts.
  • Follow the on screen instructions and update the firmware.

For smart wizard, follow these steps.

  • Click on the router upgrade to check for the latest firmware. If you found that there is firmware file to download means your router is not working on the latest firmware.
  • Download the firmware and follow the on screen instructions to finish the firmware upgrade.

If you get issue while doing this, you can take help via messaging us on the live chat window provided. Just leave your query there; we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Next Steps...

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